‘The Flash’ Season Two Celebrates Flash Day

by Julian Bartlett
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Only a few months remain until the return of the Scarlet Speedster. With the climactic end to last season and the black hole, quite a few questions have been brought up over the shows summer break. Most revolve around the season two premiere episode of The Flash entitled “The Man Who Saved Central City.” Of course the biggest theory is a look inside Earth-2 considering that out of the black hole spewed a familiar silver helmet. Next season will also bring many new faces to Central City. Wally West, Jay Garrick, and Professor Zoom have already all joined the cast. It seems as though the whole Flash family is coming together.


So who will be the man who saved Central City? For months it has been theorized it would be someone other than The Flash. That could still be the case but some photos are making the internet rounds that might prove otherwise. A recent set photo for “The Man Who Saved Central City” has been released and it shows what looks like the first celebration of Flash Day. This essentially confirms that The Flash is now out in the public eye and doing what he does best. Protecting his city.

Now as far as what “Saved Central City” means we still don’t really know. The most obvious reference would be to the aftermath of the particle accelerator. With The Flash it is never that simple. A montage of saves could be coming and we could watch Barry receive accolade for them all. What I’m saying is Flash Day might not have anything to do with who saved Central City. I can’t see the return episode of The Flash being all hugs and kisses for Barry. Something is coming out of left field and it’s going to be big.

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