DCN Comic-Con Exclusive: We speak with DC Award Winner Lee Bermejo

DC Comics had a huge presence at Comic-Con this year. Writers, Artists, Corporate Administrators, including their partnership with Warner Bros. Studios. There was plenty to see and do over the four-day event. Part of our time there, was with DC Award winning artist Lee Bermejo. We spent some time with the him on some of his recent work while in the DC booth.

Lee Bermejo is an award-winning artist whose comic book work includes BATMAN/DEATHBLOW, LUTHOR, RORSCHACH, and The New York Times best-selling graphic novel JOKER, all of which were done in collaboration with writer Brian Azzarello.  His other work for DC Comics includes GLOBAL FREQUENCY, SUPERMAN/GEN 13, HELLBLAZER, several dozen painted covers and the best-selling graphic novel BATMAN: NOEL, which Bermejo wrote and illustrated.  He currently lives in Italy with his wife Sara.

Lee Bermejo has recently worked on a new comic series titled, “We are Robin”. Recently released, we wanted to catch up with him and talk about the book while also covering off a few other topics.

Please sit back and enjoy our interview. If you have enjoyed his work before, please comment below and let us know what your favorite Lee Bermejo stories are. Otherwise, we highly recommend his stories as new material you can enjoy if you have not come across him before.


We would like to thank DC Comics, and Lee Bermejo for their time at Comic-Con. We wish them all the best for the future.


Damian Fasciani

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