Batman: Never Realized Animated Series Designs Released!

by Thomas ODonnell

Artist Coran Kizer Stone releases his designs for a never realized animated Batman series!

Coran Kizer Stone worked for WB Animation from 2009 to 2011 and in that time, he worked on an untitled animated Batman project. Coran recently released some of the art from that untitled project on his Deviant art page. Well, it looks like that untitled series had a title after all. While doing some digging I found a series of art postings from Coran on his Twitter page titled “No Man’s Land” featuring various Batman characters. I also found some art used to pitch the “No Man’s Land” series. Unfortunately the series was scrapped as it was deemed “too dark”!

Check out his designs and commentary below followed by the “pitch” pieces and links to his “No Man’s Land ” art!

Coran Kizer Stone:

This was one of the first Designs that I did when I was helping to develop the now scrapped, Dark as hell, Batman series for WB animation. T’was fun though. James Tucker (the producer) was such a seriously talented dude to work with.



One of the many of designs NightWing for the scrapped Bat show. This look (minus the mask and long hair) was runner up. I remember wanting it to stay to true the character but sort of have this grungy, ninja/biker feel!



Designs that I did when I was helping to develop the now scraped, Dark as hell, Batman series for WB animation. This is one Robin out of what has to be hundreds that I never got to show.
Oh! I’ve been a little slammed with work so I haven’t gotten the time to do the video as yet. I’ll be putting it out before the end of this month for sure though.



Did this back in ’11 of Big Boy Bane!! Love this dude.


Here are the “pitch” pieces as promised! Art for the first piece is by Coran, artist for second piece is unknown.

pitch pitch2


“No Man’s Land” art by Coran Stone. Just click on the character to see how Coran envisioned them!

Don’t forget to check out Coran’s youtube channel…



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Source: Coran Kizer Stone Twitter

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