Lex Luthor ARTFX+ Statue Coming from Kotobukiya!

by Thomas ODonnell
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Lex Luthor gets the Kotobukiya ARTFX+ treatment!

Kotobukiya is taking preorders for their newest DC Comics ARTFX+ statue, Lex Luthor! Set to be released in February of 2016 with a preorder price of $59.99. Superman’s greatest foe Lex Luthor will be sporting his New 52 battle armor. This highly detailed statue stands at an impressive 20 cm tall (7.9 inches) in 1/10 scale. Display Lex by himself or use the magnetic base to connect to other statues for unique presentations.


Lex Luthor

From Kotobukiya’s website:

The latest DC Comics ARTFX+ Statue from Kotobukiya returns to the pages of the New 52 with one of comics’ most famous villains of all-time, LEX LUTHOR! Featured in Superman stories since his debut in 1940, Alexander “Lex” Luthor has been a thorn in the Manof Steel’s side with his extreme intelligence and suspicion of the alien. At his most dangerous Lex dons a fearsome armored battlesuit packed with cutting edge technology, and that’s exactly how he’s presented in a fantastic new ARTFX+ Statue kicking off the Villains Forever series!

When the Crime Syndicate took over the Earth and subdued the Justice League in the pages of Forever Evil it was up to villains like Lex Luthor to fight back.  He appears here just as he did in the comics, ready to take on any threat to his world domination.  Luthor releases his inner fury in a tensed pose, legs bent and fists held up as he’s ready to strike.  Lex’s resplendent metallic green and purple battlesuit covers his whole body except for his head, and is highly detailed with panels, overlapping plates, reinforced joints, his personal logo on his chest armor and more.  The only part of his body exposed is the villain’s head, and under his gloriously bald pate Luthor scowls at his unworthy enemies.

Sculpted by Ikkei Jitsukata, Lex Luthor stands just under 8 inches tall (in the ARTFX+ 1/10th scale) and like all ARTFX+ statues he has magnets in his feet for extra stability on his included display base. Lex looks great in his shiny, high tech battlesuit and is a perfect addition to any villain or hero display; just don’t let him get too close to Superman!


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Source: Kotobukiya

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