Review: We Are Robin #3

by Max Eber
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Robins Robins everywhere in We Are Robin #3 written by Lee Bermejo, art inks and color by Jorge Corona, Khary Randolph and Rob Haynes.
This issue opens quietly with one Robin agent, “Shrug” at home, getting texts and please from Riko to help our main group in disarmingWe Are Robin (2015-) 003-004g a bomb. Meanwhile a large gang riot breaks out and even more Robins, some with online codenames such as Sidekicker, BlackDomino and DarkestDawn enter the fray. Shrug  acts as our Oracle-like figure helping organize the group.
Meanwhile The Nest instructs our main group how to disarm the bomb and then tells our group to take the next train. Jim Gordon Batman joins the fray at the large skirmish. Meanwhile Troy appears to make a huge sacrifice as the person behind the entire recruitment is revealed.
The large network of vigilante teens emulating Robin is really a no-brainier, I’m surprised they haven’t played around with the concept as much as they should have by now. I think it works great and so far it’s a decent book. This big shock this issue seems a bit contrived, but it is certainly shocking. This is a pretty sensational but not impossible take on teenager and maybe twenty-somethings taking up vigilantism without the true Batfamily trappings. It’s certainly thrilling.
NEGATIVESWe Are Robin (2015-) 003-018
The big reveal as to who “The Nest” is and who is behind the entire “Robin” project is a bit suspect. I wonder how in character it is but I’m willing to go with it despite my skepticism. The artwork is generally good, a touch retro in the 90’s sense but also rather  current and effective for what it’s trying to do but I can’t say it’s exemplary or too daring.
While I’m skeptical about the big reveal, with the very fatal turn We Are Robin is firmly an entirely different portrayal of teens and twenty-somethings and socio-economic play than say Batgirl and Babs’ Burnside, it doesn’t even feel like the same city. I’m extremely excited to see how Batgirl will mesh in this comic  and I’ve gotten some inklings that it will be great.  I like the alternate take on Riko’s costume on the alternate cover here. Well worth your interest.

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