“The Flash” Bathed in Blue for Season 2?


It’s apparent that for Season 2 of The CW hit series The Flash there will be some very dramatic changes. Cast members have teased that they’ll be joined by some “new faces”, and producers have revealed that the multiverse — most specifically Earth-2 — will be a significant part of the overall arc. With Barry having bested the “Reverse-Flash” in Season 1, he’ll have to deal with the consequences of opening up that temporal singularity — you know, the one he was shown running into at the end of the finale.

Now the current advert for Season 2 is showing our Scarlet Speedster running at full-throttle but the characteristically golden electric charge he usually leaves behind him is showing up in an entirely new hue. The “speed force” lightning powering the Flash appears to have turned blue! And it’s causing fans to pause. What could it mean?

There are a couple of theories about how (or why) blue lightning could be playing into the new season. The obvious one being that Jay Garrick, the “original” Earth-2 Flash, has historically been bathed in blue — his trousers are after all blue, and it would be graphically the easiest way to distinguish the two speedsters on the screen. Another theory is that, Garrick may not be the only speedster introduced in Season 2.

The villain has already been introduced as being “Zoom!” — what exactly that means is anyone’s guess at this moment. The character of “Professor Zoom” has sometimes been called the “Reverse-Flash” and in the new comic’s continuity Eobard Thawne is waging a one-man war on Barry Allen. On The CW show we know that Dr. Harrison Wells was actually masquerading as Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash.

Which begs to wonder: in the scheme of the DC TV multiverse (which is getting bigger by the minute) is there perhaps room for the “future” version of Barry Allen (which wears blue) to make an appearance as the story this season continues to evolve? Is that just too meta for primetime maybe? We’ll have to wait and see, but for certain this is going to be a year that tests Barry Allen to no end!

Whether in scarlet or indigo (wink-wink) audiences are gearing up for more of the impossible this fall on The CW when The Flash returns!

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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