Arrow: New Images of Diggle’s Costume

by JC Alvarez
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Ever since the character was introduced in Season 1 of The CW hit series Arrow fans have been anxiously awaiting for Oliver Queen’s hired gun John Diggle played by actor David Ramsey to take up some type of secret identity, beyond just his A.R.G.U.S affiliation, whenever he joined the urban combat alongside the master bowman. Now as Season 4 prepares to launch this fall, television audiences may finally get their wish!

At the conclusion of last season, it appeared that the “Arrow” (Stephen Amell) had seen enough of the battle and was hanging up the hood for good — or at least taking some time off to pursue his heart’s content, leaving Starling City in the capable hands of a newly assembled “Team Arrow”. Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) has now fully embraced her bad ass alter-ego and official gone “Black Canary” — sonic scream and all. Thea Queen (Willa Holland) is more than able to handle herself as “Speedy”.

But with metahumans running rampant in nearby Central City (the home of that other guy in a primary color) and crime still taking root in the newly christened Star City (the former “Starling City”), it’s going to be a while before those upstart “legends” make a dent. Needless to say, it’s getting dangerous out there, and Diggle’s got to take precautions — hence the suit of armor that’s been making the rounds of the Internet and was first debuted at this year’s SDCC.

Keeping with the street-fighting style that has been a constant element that separates Arrow from its super-powered, in-continuity competition, Diggle’s leather and kevlar suit will offer him more than ample protection, as well as access to his hardware. In order to hide in the shadows, they’ve dressed our hero in black making him harder to hit as he swiftly moves across the asphalt streets. Most curiously though is the familiar looking headgear that Diggle will be sporting.


Taking his teammate’s advice that it might be important he try to keep his identity under wraps, John Diggle is wearing a helmet that looks like it should also be accompanied by a shield. Fans have speculated that Diggle may also be assuming a proper and very fitting code-name once the show returns with new episodes on Wed, Oct. 7. Might Diggle be now more commonly addressed as “Guardian”? Could be!

Though David Ramsey was scheduled to appear at this Labor Day Weekend’s DragonCon in Atlanta, the actor was unable to personally answer questions from fans about the new gear. He was unfortunately unable to attend, due to an injury sustained while shooting a new episode for the upcoming new season of Arrow. So exactly whether or not Diggle will be now known is “Guardian” will have to wait…at least a few more weeks.

After all who was Guardian but the super-powered frontline for any of the numerous cloak and dagger agencies that inhabit the DC Universe — including A.R.G.U.S or more accurately Cadmus. Though the latter hasn’t been prominently added into the current DC TV Universe, it’s worth noting that a similar shadow agency will be introduced on the CBS show Supergirl and as such opening the door (perhaps) for the threat of it to not rear its head.

One thing is for certain, when Team Arrow takes the battle back to the streets to challenge the threat of Damien Darhk, Diggle will be more than combat ready. The new season of Arrow premieres on The CW this fall, Wed., Oct 7 following the premiere of The Flash on Tues., Oct 6.


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