The Justice League Goes Scholastic


It is official that Superman, Batman , and Wonder Woman will be in middle school. Scholastic and DC Comics are collaborating to bring “DC Comics: Secret Hero Society”.

These superheroes will bring mystery and detective stories are aimed to captivate the younger fans. It is created by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs and the first of the series will be titled “DC Comics: Secret Hero Society, Study Hall of Justice”.

Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, and Diana Prince become friends and start a new detective squad at a prep school called Ducard Academy. This will be a perfect read for children of comic book fans. Aquaman and Cyborg will be added on later in the series.

Nguyen and Fridolfs have created other children stories such as “Lil’ Gotham”. We expect great stories from them in Secret Hero Society. Check in at the shelves of your favorite comic book store in February 2016 to pick up a copy!

secret society cover

Hillary Weiss

Hillary Weiss

Born and raised in South Florida, I love to read and write. My favorite DC Comics hero is Oracle.