‘The Flash’ To Bring Back Two Characters

by Joshua Raynor
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The second season of CW’s The Flash is off and running (pun intended) and more news about the show continues to drop.

According to ComicBook.com, who was recently on the set of The Flash, iconic villain Gorilla Grodd will be returning this season.  Grodd was teased throughout most of season one, finally showing up for a full episode in the episode titled “Grodd Lives”

Gorilla Grodd - The Flash

But Grodd isn’t the only character who’ll be returning to the series.  On his instagram account, Robbie Amell, who, until recently, portrayed Ronnie Raymond, one half of the superhero Firestorm, posted a picture of himself with the new Firestorm, Jefferson “Jax” Jackson, played by Franz Drameh.  But the interesting part is the caption, which read: “Firestorm is in great hands.  But I’ll be back.


Drameh will appear as Jackson in next week’s episode of The Flash, titled “The Fury of Firestorm.” In the episode, Barry and the team look for another Firestorm match for Dr. Stein. When the team meets Jefferson “Jax” Jackson, Caitlin has her reservations about whether Jax is the right match for Dr. Stein. Iris surprises Joe while Barry and Patty Spivot grow closer.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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