Review: Wonder Woman #45

by Paul DePaola
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The latest child of Zeus, Aegeus, has broken into Mount Olympus and is there to kill Wonder Woman and take her place as the God of War.  Fortunately for Wonder Woman, Strife does not take kindly to people breaking into her home.

In London, Donna Troy has made friends with Violet, the young woman she previously saved from an attacker, but not all is as it seems with this new person in Donna’s life.

The Positive

WW_45 4Aegeus attacks Wonder Woman at Olympus.  Wonder Woman is caught off guard, but we know she could easily stop this young kid.  Instead she tries to talk and reason with him, and only resorting to violence to stop him when she has found no other way to reason with him.  Strife’s way of dealing with the intruder is pretty funny, and we never find out how serious she was with her threats towards him.

Donna Troy’s story in London is the majority of the issue and it’s a really good tale of her trying to find a sense of humanity and forging a connection to Violet.  Violet seems to be the first person Donna has met that hasn’t tried to use her or change her, instead she simply accepts her for who she is.  Meredith Finch has done a great job of giving us a well-rounded character, she started out evil, but we feel for her by the end.  I hope this isn’t the last we have seen of Donna Troy.

The Negative

It seems silly to keep comparing this current run of Wonder Woman to the previous, but I really just loved Azzarello and Chang’s run on the book so much.  David Finch’s artwork is not my favorite, but I have gotten used to it here.  The only time it really seems odd is when he draws one of the characters like Strife who we first met in the previous run.  Finch’s versions never seem quite right for me.  I might like it more if Finch just redesigned the character again to match the current style of the book.

WW_45 3

The Verdict

This issue succeeds on several different levels.  Great writing helps to redeem several characters who I was pretty actively disliking previously, and the finale sets up an interesting new twist when the true villain steps out of the shadows.

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