Wave Riding with Rip Hunter on “Legends”


The DC Comics TV Universe continues to gain traction and grow by leaps and bounds. With the new seasons of Arrow and The Flash (and respectfully CBS’ Supergirl and FOX’s Gotham also in the mix) unraveling into infinite worlds and continuing to expand on the comic book mythology, it’s a perfect time to realize that all your childhood dreams have come true. When The CW’s third DC Comics spin-off premieres midseason DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will raise the stakes beyond any fan’s expectations.

Legends will be in proper continuity with its sister series’ Arrow and The Flash. It will feature the assembled might of those two show’s titular heroes, and unite some familiar (and new) faces. At the center of this assembled might is one of DC Comic’s most popular time honored, time-travelers Rip Hunter (who will be played by actor Arthur Darvill who is someone familiar with time-traveling). Hunter has put together a team of what he considers “legends” that include Green Arrow, the Flash, their newest ally the Atom (Brandon Routh) and of course Professor Stein (Victor Garber).

Arthur Darrell as time-traveler Rip Hunter in the midseason premiere of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow".
Arthur Darrell as time-traveler Rip Hunter in the midseason premiere of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”.

The time-traveler makes a stop here to elicit these heroes in a battle against an immortal menace, a villain well-known to all DC Comic’s fans as Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) a world conqueror that is hell bent on ensuring that his immortality does indeed come to an end…even at the cost of destroying everything! It’s a rather dramatic premise, but you can see where a time-traveler may come in handy. Legends will undoubtedly transport our core group through space and time, and across the multiverse which has been introduced into the DC TV Universe on The Flash.

We can now also reveal (thanks to nerdist.com) that Rip Hunter’s time ship which bares a similar, spherical design as the one that the Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh) attempted to use to return to his own proper timeline at the conclusion of last season’s The Flash — the time ship has a name, and it is: “Waverider”. This is significant in that comic book readers will no doubt align the familiar monicker with that of the 90’s hero also named Waverider and had a very important role during the “Zero Hour” crisis-event.

In the current post-New 52 continuity the name “Waverider” is also assumed by a former member of the Justice League, the infamously popular Booster Gold, who is also a time-traveler and revealed to have a personal relationship with Hunter; Booster is actually Hunter’s father! How’s that for a trip?! Although it hasn’t been confirmed, at least not yet, rumor is that Booster Gold may play into Legends in some way, shape or form, at least the “Waverider” will remain in the family. Tune into the continuing adventures of The Flash this season, in time for Legends midseason premiere.

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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