Dynamic Cosplay Presents: Court Of Owls, Talon (William Fung)

by Thomas ODonnell
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Dynamic Cosplay Presents: Talon (Court of Owls)

Cosplayer: William Fung

“Beware The Court of Owls, that watches all the time, ruling Gotham from a shadow perch, behind granite and lime. They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in your bed, speak not a whispered word of them or they’ll send The Talon for your head.”

DCN: What made you create this character, why ?
William: I decided to redo this character because I originally love the story arc of the Court of Owls. And seeing how many cosplayers usually do the classic villains, I thought it was time to show people that this character needed to shine and grow in the community as well. In addition, I chose to do this character to represent the writers of the story and show them how much I appreciate their work and what better way to do it than to cosplay it.

Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and Talon

DCN: Outside of cosplay do you have any other interest/hobbies?
William: Outside of cosplay I enjoy reading comics, manga, playing video games, watching anime, practicing Muay Thai, trying out new food, and meeting new people.
Photo by Lena Kostikova

Photo by Lena Kostikova

DCN: How do your friends and family feel about you cosplaying? Are they supportive?
William: Some of my friends don’t mind me cosplaying it’s something to enjoy. My family sees me as a kid still in their eyes but my friends and family are quite supportive I can’t complain.
DCN: How long have you been cosplaying?
William: I think about 5 years now but on and off I am sort of a casual cosplayer if anything.
DCN: Why do you cosplay?
William: I cosplay because I get to portray the character I like and admire and it reminds me of acting. I used to not like cosplay until my childhood best friend told me to give it a try and he can see it might work for me since I like to imitate characters often. And I do it also it’s just fun in general and best part is to put a smile on children’s face to see their favorite heroes and villains come to life.
Photo by Lena Kostikova

Photo by Lena Kostikova

DCN: What was your favorite cosplay project?
William: My favorite cosplay project was probably Devil Jin as that was the first time I made wings, claws, flame pattern for the pants and modifying the shoes. I was nervous as I took an hour or more to do my face, eye and body make up on my own.
DCN: How long did it take you to get this costume together?
William: This costume took me about roughly 2 weeks time, I crunch in the time I had from work and sacrifice a bit of sleep to get it done as I designed the patterns myself and looked at different reference pictures and angles to see how I want it to turn out. Overall I wasn’t finished I still needed to make the dual wield swords with sheaths and shin guards that matches my outfit.

Photo by FanHelix

DCN: Do you have any cosplays you will never do and why?
William: I will never do characters that are over abused to the core even if I wanted to because there are just so many of the same person cosplaying the same character it doesn’t give the fans and people to enjoy the work of the person cosplaying him or her putting their time and effort in. But given under certain circumstances I might cosplay a particular character even if it’s been over cosplayed in different outfit that has never been done before or seen. I don’t think I would ever cosplay anything cute, as I never gave much thought to it.


DCN: Why do you think cosplay has become so popular in the last few years?
William: I think cosplay has gotten so popular in the last few years due to some outstanding outfits of cosplayers that put their time, sweat, blood, and tears into it that audiences never thought to be made into real life but became a reality.
Photo by Carlos A Smith

Photo by Carlos A Smith

DCN: Which DC character may we see next from you?
William: I actually have a couple in mind but the next one is definitely Talon Grayson from the New 52 nightwing series when he gave a thought of what could of happened if he took on the path of William Cobb. In addition, no one has cosplayed him yet so I thought this be a great opportunity to show fans a different aspect of the characters in DC.
DCN: Do you have a favorite memory or story while cosplaying?
William: Honestly for each character I choose to cosplay I always remember a particular scene I like in the story and I will always try to get the other person to relive that scene if all possible.

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