Review: Suicide Squad #13

by Sean Blumenshine
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This review contains spoilers.

In this issue, the Suicide Squad try to catch some drug dealers but things go sideways.


The comic begins with Captain Boomerang and Deadshot, both undercover, negotiating with a dealer. Boomerang accidentally gives them away and a fight breaks out. Deadshot’s wounds prevent him from being much help and Parasite overloads himself and passes out. Amanda Waller discovers that certain companies may be involved and has Harley and Boomerang create a distraction so she can slip out. Then, the entire team goes dark. The issue ends with Vic Sage pushing the “terminate all” button.


I like that the story deals with past occurrences in the book. Deadshot is still seriously injured and not worth much in a fight while Harley is traumatized by how the kids reacted to her in the annual. Harley is actually kind of interesting in this. She expresses to Boomerang that she is becoming bored by killing and just doesn’t want to do it anymore. The manic glee seems to have faded.


There is way too much Amanda Waller in this. Waller works best as a background character. She’s in the shadows and pulling strings. She is not an action hero. It’s just not fun to see her in so much of the action and get so much focus when I would rather the book focus on the villains. The concept is fun because it’s a team of villains forced to do good things. Having a government agent in the field just isn’t that interesting and takes away a lot of the insanity of this team.

Despite the character moments that I mentioned in my positives, everything else is action. It’s just noise; it doesn’t effect me at all. It’s just numbing. Most of the book is just a gun-fight.


Despite the good character beats, the issue contains way too much dull action while putting too much focus on the Waller character as opposed to one of the villains. The book has its moments but, overall, it’s fairly dull.


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