Review: Justice League: The Darkseid War – Superman

by JC Alvarez
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Darkseid is dead. Long live Superman…the God of Strength! Is the Man of Steel powerful enough to defend himself from the corrupting forces that surge within him?

There is undoubtedly a consequence to the apparent death of the Lord of Apokolips. When Darkseid courted a final confrontation with the multi-dimensional being known as the Anti-Monitor, the “anti-god” had seemingly fallen when the Black Racer took over the form of the Flash to deliver the killing blow. The Justice League members on the scene emerged from the experience changed, among the most obvious was Batman who now wields the all-knowing Mobius Chair after dethroning its previous owner Metron.

While his teammates battle on the front lines, Superman and Lex Luthor were transported to Apokolips and as the distance away from a yellow sun threatened to de-power the Man of Steel, Luthor suggested plunging into one of the hell pits scorching the planet’s surface. What emerged was more than just a super man — it was a God of Steel. Now entering the second act of the epic confrontation that was launched in the pages of Justice League the effects of Darkseid’s dark influence are chronicled in a series of one-shot specials.

In Justice League: The Darkseid War – Superman written by Francis Manapul and art by Bong Dazo the Man of Steel returns to earth a changed man — no a god! Superman: The God of Strength! Absorbing the energy from within Apokolips has corrupted Superman almost absolutely. Traversing the distance from the edge of the multiverse back to his adopted planet, Superman has left a path of destruction in his wake that continues when he descends on Metropolis. From the upper atmosphere Superman crashes down into the heart of the city taking on an alien invader.


Powered up and ready to rumble Superman is an unstoppable force, but has he crossed the path and gone over to the dark side?

Unimpressed by the weaklings curious by his return and especially his “new appearance” Superman seeks to satisfy his immediate concern — her is hungry…and he wants pie. It isn’t long before his pal Jimmy Olsen tracks down his friend, but by then a mysterious black ooze has begun to envelope the city, and Superman couldn’t be bothered. Surging with the negatively powered energies he’s observed, Superman’s appearance isn’t the only thing that’s disconcerting to Olsen — Superman isn’t inspired to help the people of Metropolis.

As the city grows still and quiet, Superman is faced with his plight and the solitude overtakes him. He returns to the scene of his earlier confrontation, where he and the alien made landfall. Using his freeze breath, Superman is able to contain the “black infection” that has claimed his city and frees everyone, including Jimmy, only to recognize that he is still very much…alone. Realizing that if he can not control his current state and other-godly abilities, Superman flies off in search of answers; in search of a new hope.

Pushing the idea that for every action there is a reaction, the recent godlike ascension the Justice League members are experiencing due to the death of Darkseid, cannot bode well for our heroes. Batman has already accessed knowledge that could ultimately force him to cross the line, and Superman appears unable to control the literal weight of the world. Given his near limitless potential, having come into it so quickly has come with a great price. Whether our heroes emerge from this uncorrupted still remains to be seen.

The saga continues in Justice League #46.

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