Dectective Comics #46 “Blood on Blood”

by Steven Brown
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In this issue of Detective Comics #46 we find the GCPD’s Batman working with the Justice League to solve a homicide of ancient and massive proportions. As the League closes in on the killer they are suddenly attacked by the ancient monster which intends to kill them all. Gordon and Cyborg are the last two heroes remaining–and although Gordon feels out of place fighting with gods he’ll have to muster all of his courage to save the League–and himself.


The Positives

I love how the artwork of Marcio Takara draws you in the comic world in this issue. Picking up immediately where #45 left off we find Gordon working a case with the Justice League in the Himalayas. I love how Takara makes each character so detailed and I hardly have had a real chance to read his work so I’m definitely grateful to witness it here. When you pair that with Peter Tomasi’s storytelling you see a great comic unfold in this very issue. We find Gordon out of his normal element working with the Justice League here but rather that it looks weird–it actually seems fine. I have to admit in my last review I was pretty adamant about Gordon becoming Batman but seeing how he handles himself in this issue really put my mind at ease. Tomasi makes sure that Gordon doesn’t come off as some Batman- carbon copy or clone. Gordon really shines as his own man in this issue and that’s great. As the League attempts to solve an ancient murder in the Himalayas, Gordon’s detective skills are immediately brought to task–and he performs very well. Although by being a Batman fan I really want Bruce back, I got to say I’ve gotten comfortable with Gordon taking the mantle. As a detective in his own right and a former Marine, Gordon is definitely tough enough to take on the mantle and although I had some reservations at first I must admit that after reading this issue they were immediately put to rest.


The Negatives

The only real negative I see is with the pacing of the story but in this case its completely understandable. We don’t have any real action until the towards the end of the story when the murderer is revealed however I’m cool with that. The issue as a whole revolves around solving this ancient murder so as Gordon and the team race to uncover the monster’s secrets you come along for the ride and get play by play of what happened in the process leading up to the murder. Tomasi doesn’t escape any detail from impact points of the murder, to the finding of the murder weapon, and even a motive behind it all. Although it gave the comic some slow pacing along the way it didn’t feel pointless or unjustified.


The Verdict

I have to admit that Tomasi and Takara have made me a fan of Gordon’s Batman after reading this issue. Do I want to see Bruce wear the cape and cowl again? Of course. However after reading this issue all the concerns I had about Gordon holding the mantle are gone. He’s an exceptional detective and the previous issues show how effective he is in a fight so I’m willing to let my reservations go. Perhaps the best part of the issue to me is the fact that Gordon realizes he doesn’t fit in with the League. He doesn’t really do anything to try to impress or be exceptional. He KNOWS he’s not Batman and he’s not trying to be–he’s simply a cop protecting his city. Do I want Bruce back? Hell yes!!! But after reading Detective Comics #46 he can sit out just a little while longer.


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