Mortal Kombat’s Kintaro Statue From Pop Culture Shock

by Brandon Richardson
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Ah yes, one of the most feared bosses to beat in the amazing game Mortal Kombat. Most would even say that Goro was a breeze by comparison. Jerry Macaluso, the sculptor of this meticulously detailed Kintaro would agree. He had this to say about Kintaro,

He is, however, a fantastical monster with tons of interesting textures to sculpt…so naturally I was in heaven working on this statue!

The team at Pop Culture Shock started pouring over game designs and studying every nook and cranny that could be used to create the best statue possible. But don’t worry it will not jump off your shelf and do fatality moves on you. However, it might fend off any intruder being that it is a 1/4th scale statue of him. Pop Culture Shock is doing an exclusive Kintaro’s Shokan Roar that you can get from doing a pre-order from their website. The pre-order date is on November 3rd, at 3P.M. and are going for a smooth $499. At 21 inches tall and the ability to both impress and make others jealous it is definitely worth getting for those who are a Mortal Kombat fan. They will ship out in the fourth quarter of 2016. But hurry before they are all swiped!

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