Teen Titans #13 “Rogue Targets”

The Teen Titans are put to a test when they attempt to defeat a villain named Dr. Psycho. Dr. Psycho who is being held in Metropolis at a security prison called the M.A.W is attempting a break out when he’s intercepted by a few members of the Titans. As the Titans engage Dr. Psycho who has exceptional powers of mental telepathy, only Raven is the last one standing. However all is not what it seems at the prison as this riot and attempted breakout was planned– and it was not by the evil doctor. Who is pulling the strings behind the breakout at the M.A.W? And for what purpose?


The Positives

“Rogue Targets”, written by Scott Lobdell and Will Pfeifer made me love the Titans all over again. I have to admit I haven’t particulary picked up an issue for awhile so I was glad I read this one. Ricken, Ian Churchill and Noel Rodriguez also don’t fail to disappoint with their artwork as well. The story is well told and I actually love how the Titans function in this issue. Unlike the Justice League, which is a really well run team that hardly has flaws, you actually see the cracks that the Titans have. Red Robin’s reluctance to lead, Raven constantly having to hold her powers in check and even Kid Flash questioning Red Robin’s leadership–I love it. The Titans are the exact opposite of the League and although its different its not a bad thing. The team pulls together by the end of the comic and when you finally see them get the arguing and countering each other out the way they perform almost perfectly. The writers of this issue show you the Titans as a whole are still learning as a team, particularly Red Robin who having Batman as a mentor carries heavy weight on his shoulders but he carries it well throughout the book.


The Negatives

I thought from the first reading that the course of events were a lot to take in. Without spoiling it for you it goes from a perceived prison riot, to attempted breakout, to an almost revenge type plot. It was a lot of turns and twists in this issue and I’m not sure if there was a just cause for it. I believe the writers could’ve honestly just kept it about being an attempted prison break out at the M.A.W and still would’ve came out with the same results. Also I wanted to see Superboy in action. I have no idea what’s happened cause I haven’t read a Titans issue in awhile but I hope the writers bring him back soon. I always liked Superboy’s badass rebel attitude, and thought it was a good fit for the team, besides him having the “S” on his chest. Hopefully we will see him again sometime in the future.

The Verdict

I thought Teen Titans #13 was good read. It was full of action from the first page and I love how we see how truly dark Raven’s powers are. Out of all the Titans she earns my respect in this issue. Just because of how much she has to hold her power in check–even in the heat of combat. This issue had some good surprises as far as introductions of supporting characters and none of it felt rushed. I do feel the plot had too many turns for my liking but the surprise of certain characters balances it out. Are the Titans the Justice League? Absolutely not. However after reading this issue of Teen Titans you see that they don’t have to be–they can kick ass on their own terms.



Steven Brown

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