Review: New Suicide Squad #14

by Sean Blumenshine
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…Why aren’t our heads blowing up?

This review contains spoilers

In this issue, Amanda Waller reveals to the Suicide Squad that Vic Sage has an ulterior motive and that they need to go dark in order to stop him.


The issue begins with Sage believing that he has detonated the bombs in the members’ necks but Waller had reprogrammed the bombs so the Suicide Squad is still alive. When the Squad learns this, they proceed to nearly beat Waller to death. However, she tells them that if she dies, the bombs will go off so they need her alive. The issue ends with Sage asking Black Manta to kill Waller.


It is oddly satisfying to watch Harley, Boomerang and Deadshot beat down on Waller. All of them have been manipulated and used by this woman and it was cool to see her pay a bit.


This issue is mainly set up. I imagine this would work better in the trade but as an issue, it is pretty dull. Some more mystery is set up about Sage but it is so vague that it is hard to care. Waller discusses that her and the Squad will do something but never what that something is. We just don’t know anything about what’s going on so it’s difficult to get invested.

Waller is way too skilled. Why does she even need the Suicide Squad if she is this capable? She is able to take on Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang and Deadshot in a fight by herself. She does eventually lose but she spends most of the fight kicking their asses. It’s ridiculous. She’s like Batman in this issue.

Harley Quinn’s outfit is still terrible.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot to say about this issue. It’s part of an incomplete story and doesn’t stand on it’s own well at all. There are moments that I like but it’s mostly build up with no pay off. It just isn’t fun to read by itself; maybe it will work better in context once the rest of the story is published.



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