Review: Batman and Robin Eternal #8

by Matthew Lloyd
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Batman and Robin Eternal #8. James Tynion IV & Scott Snyder- Story, Genevieve Valentine- Script, Alvaro Martinez and Scot Eaton- Pencils, Raul Fernandez & Wayne Faucher- Inks, Sandra Molina- Colors.

Batman and Robin Eternal 8 Opera Past

Clarity is the theme for this issue although misdirection continues as the reader is asked to choose who he or she believes- Bruce Wayne…or Mother? Would Bruce ever diminish Dick’s role in the original Dynamic Duo, especially as it’s been presented in this series? Would we really believe that Bruce contracted Mother to provide him a Robin? The veracity of these answers are what Batman and Robin Eternal seem to hinge upon.

Batman and Robin Eternal 8 Matchmaking Mother

The Past, Batman and Robin

They are at the Prague Opera and Bruce excuses himself for a meeting with Mother. His questions surely seem to follow from last issue when he discussed Mother’s matchmaking capabilities. Bruce appears to be wife shopping which Mother has been shown to be complicit.

Batman and Robin Eternal 8 Dick and Mother

The Preset, Dick and Mother

Following directly from last issue’s finale, Dick and Mother come face to face. Mother is clearly trying to get into Dick’s head- trying to sew seeds of doubt and Bruce’s dissatisfaction with Dick’s role as Robin. There is a clear dichotomy- what the past seems to indicate and what Mother outright says to Dick about Bruce’s dealings with her. It seems likely at this point that the secret that Bruce has been trying to hide is a failing more than a transgression.

Batman and Robin Eternal 8 Opera Present

The Present, Cass and Harper

The girls have their hands full as the entire cast of the opera attack them! They hold their own until Dick extricates himself from his encounter with Mother.

Batman Eternal 8 Cass Bad Memory

He helps them finish off Mother’s crew and as they relocate to the top of the Opera House, something strange happens. Harper playfully tugs on Cass’s hair and Cass loses it. She ends up jumping off the roof as the situation triggers a memory. It’s down to Dick and Harper, and they must stick together.

Batman and Robin Eternal 8 Dick Cass Harper

The Present, Jason and Tim

Still on the trail, Jason and Tim have followed their quarry to a church. They discover Jean Metier cowering behind the altar and from Jean’s point of view, it’s clear that the Scarecrow still has a role to play in this series.

Batman and Robin Eternal Scarecrow Still init

Wrap Up

Clarity. Mother is the villain and Bruce has been misrepresented at some point. What exactly transpired between the two is still unclear. Scarecrow is still in the mix and whatever happened in the past is more significant than simply Bruce’s encounter with Mother. Bruce was investigating something in Prague from which he tried to protect Dick.



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