RUMORS: Aquaman Film’s Big Bad & Mera’s Role

by Kaeleigh Evans
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Rumors from a recent report cite that the main villain in the upcoming Aquaman film starring Jason Momoa will not be Black Manta as many had speculated, but Ocean Master. In the upcoming film Ocean Master, Arthur’s half-brother Orm, will square off with Aquaman in a battle for the Atlantean throne, reminiscent of the comic books. This is all just developing, however, as reportedly the script is just starting to be developed while Aquaman director James Wan finishes his current project (The Conjuring 2).



Warner Brothers is also seeking a Mera, rumored to first appear in The Justice League and then Aquaman. Mera is described as “a force to be reckoned with” and it is said that she will share the screen with Arthur “in very much the same way that Max and Furiosa did in Mad Max: Fury Road”. Warner Brothers has reportedly also stated that they are looking for a non-white actress to play Mera. This suggests that her physical appearance will differ from what is traditional in the comics, but her capacity for bad-assery will clearly be similar to that of the comics.

How excited are you for Ocean Master and Mera in Aquaman?

Aquaman will hit theatres July 27, 2018.

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