Major Supergirl Character Revealed as a Popular DC Alien

by Scarlett Bentley
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If you haven’t seen it yet, then there are huge spoilers for the most recent episode of Supergirl in this article.

In the last episode of Supergirl, Hank Henshaw, director of DEO, shocked fans by revealing himself as the well known DC Comics alien J’Onn J’Onzz, better known as the Martian Manhunter.

He also revealed his appearance and costume in the episode.

Martian manhunter

David Harewood, who portrays Hank Henshaw on Supergirl, has said that he relates to Henshaw, and finds his character much more interesting as of this new extraterrestrial reveal.

“The whole idea of suppressing who you are was something that I could understand, and pretending to be, hiding a big secret, that was, obviously, much more interesting and I was always also wonder[ing] why he was such a bitch to Kara? All the way through the pilot I was thinking, ‘There’s something going on here. No one could hate aliens that much. There’s something that I don’t know.’ so, it was [one of the] reasons I was happy it was Martian Manhunter because he is an alien. It gave me a direction to take other than just being; I don’t like Kara Zor-El and Superman. That wasn’t really that interesting to me.”

He also adds that he is looking forward to further exploring J’Onn’s relationship with Kara and Alex, stating that the martian sees them as a kind of surrogate family after losing his own son.

Be sure to catch the midseason finale of Supergirl at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Monday December 14th, on CBS.

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