Review: Action Comics #47 “Blind Justice Consumed”

by Steven Brown
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The final showdown between Superman and Wrath is here!! Superman goes toe to toe with Frankenstein, who’s being controlled by the black mass that’s infecting him. The same black mass is also affecting Superman too!! Superman has to control the new found power–and rage he feels while fighting against Frankenstein. As Superman fights the monster, Wrath has plans to drop the black mass all over Houston with plans to turn the entire population into her slaves. Can Superman stop her? Or will he too succumb to the power the black mass provides?


The Positives

 Aaron Kuder and Greg Pak wrap up this series perfectly in this issue. The compliment of outstanding drawing by Georges Jeanty and Aaron Kuder make it that much better. As you know I’m primarily an action person when it comes to my comics and #47 holds that standard. Each page shows Superman going toe to toe with Frankenstein, one of Wrath’s henchmen, and then finally he confronts Wrath herself. I especially like how we finally find out Wrath’s history in this issue and how it ties with the Justice League. I won’t spoil how but its an amazing concept on how heroes interact with regular people on a regular basis–and just what those consequences may be. I also have to admit that I’m really liking the depowered Superman story. If you’ve been following my reviews, I’ve constantly noted again and again how much I wasn’t a fan. However this story proved me wrong–and I can admit that. I enjoyed seeing Clark struggle against superior forces–and against himself. As Clark fights Wrath’s forces he must constantly hold the power of the black mass in check. This is nothing really new for someone as powerful as Clark, however its different because the angrier he feels in combat–the more he has to hold on to his humanity.


The Negatives

My only real negative in this issue is Lee Lambert. Lee was one of the people a few issues back that was experimented on by Wrath with the black mass. The result gave Lee more control over the black mass instead of making her a slave–it reacted different with her. I don’t mind complimentary characters in a story usually but I kind of feel she had no purpose. The same story really could’ve been told without her in it. For most of the issues even when Lee was in danger I didn’t feel anything about it. Maybe because how the character was introduced or maybe because her role was so small but honestly she could’ve died in the issue and I wouldn’t have gave it a second thought. I’m not a fan of non-crucial characters and I’m definitely not a fan of the Lee Lambert character. Hopefully she’s a one-shot.


The Verdict

Action Comics #47 gives you that exactly what’s in the title–action. Each page keeps your eyes moving and Kuder and Jeanty’s attention to detail is amazing. I’m one of those people that notice the small stuff on a page and Kuder and Jeanty take note of that. Everything from the strain of Clark’s muscles while fighting, to seeing him sweat from his brow while wrestling Frankenstein is done flawlessly. We also get a particular treat in the end when we find out that Wrath isn’t the mastermind Clark thought she was. An enemy of Superman’s and the Justice League has been pulling the strings the entire time–and by the time you see who it is you’ll never even suspect it. I know I didn’t at all and I love it. Nothing wrong with a good surprise especially on the holidays–and Action Comics #47 gives you just that.


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