Review: Catwoman #47

by Sean Blumenshine
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“Yup…it’s good to be back.”

This review contains spoilers.

Catwoman #47 is written by Frank Tieri with art by Inaki Miranda. This is part one of a new storyline, “On the Run.” In the issue, Selina Kyle has returned to her lifestyle of stealing from the rich and powerful only to find herself set up.


The comic begins with Selina setting the scene of a club owned by Russian mobsters. Catwoman manages to steal the star of St. Petersburg from Nikolai the bear in the club and meets with her fence, Louis the Mustache, at a pizza place. There, he offers her a new job; he wants her to steal the frost diamond which should be incredibly hard to steal. Louis is dying of cancer and believes the money he could get from the diamond will provide for his wife and children. Selina agrees to steal the diamond and has no problem doing so. When she returns to give Louis the frost diamond, she finds him dead and the police arrive seconds after Catwoman discovers the body.


Miranda’s art is fantastic. I have not seen any other work she has done but I definitely want to check her material out after reading this. The action looks great and is fluid, every character is well defined without looking too realistic and I just love the panel layout. I always like to see how different artists play with the format and Miranda does a fun job of playing with different shapes and I enjoy the style of it.

The scene in the pizza parlor is great for character. I feel genuinely bad for Louis when he reveals he has cancer because he has a good rapport with Selina. It’s a good exchange with a sad twist. And then a family is added onto that which compounds the sadness. I was also genuinely shocked when he turned up dead. Maybe I am dumb but I did not see that coming. Stealing the diamond did seem too easy but I didn’t realize it was because they probably let her steal the diamond.

I love how much we get to be in Selina’s head when she is stealing. It is a lot of fun to see her assess the situation and figure out what she is going to do. There is a bit of detective work but she is also really quick on her feet. It’s enjoyable to read and to see played out in art form.

The action is pretty good, too. Catwoman’s fight with Nikolai is very enjoyable thanks to Miranda’s art.


I honestly don’t have any complaints. This issue is fantastic.


This issue is a terrific read. I have tried reading New 52 Catwoman in the past but I never really latched onto it but since there is a new team on this one, I decided to check it out. And I am thrilled that I did because this is wonderful. The book contains great action, art, character and is just fun to read. I highly recommend checking this out.



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