You will bring justice to this new society.

This review contains spoilers.

Earth 2 Society #7 is written by Daniel H. Wilson with art by Jorge Jimenez and Alisson Borges. In the issue, Jimmy Olsen, Doctor Impossible, plans to terraform the Earth with help from Huntress and Red Arrow.


The issue begins with Huntress activating the genesis machine that will terraform the planet. Meanwhile, Superman, Batman and Flash defeat Hourman and race to New Gotham where Doctor Impossible is attacking Green Lantern. Since Green Lantern is the heart of the planet, Jimmy is going to start with him. Helena realizes her mistake and everyone teams up to take on Doctor Impossible. Superman and Power Girl distract Doctor Impossible while Huntress and Red Arrow target the source vault. The issue ends with Green Lantern imprisoning Doctor Impossible while the citizens of New Gotham cheer.


There is some good dialogue in this. Superman, Batman and Flash have a good rhythm that leads to some funny lines.

The action combined with the art is pretty fun. These elements combined with the dialogue actually make this a fairly quick read. I have a lot of problems with this but it is paced well and I was never bored or uninterested.


Jimmy Olsen as a super villain is still one of the silliest things I have read in a comic recently. It just doesn’t work. He doesn’t have any presence or anything that makes him interesting; he’s just super powerful. Additionally, the tone of this series is still way too dark and cynical. The Doctor Impossible idea could have been made to work with a sillier tone but this title is obsessed with being dark and edgy. It just doesn’t fit and the tone makes this hard to really have fun with.

In the World’s Finest run that featured Huntress and Power Girl as team stranded on the main DC Earth, Power Girl was the one obsessed with getting home while Huntress was more content with moving on. I find it interesting that those characteristics are reversed here. Helena is so desperate to get the old world back that she nearly destroys it. I don’t think this series earned that turn. It felt incredibly random in the previous issue and doesn’t really make sense here either. I can buy her motivation but I think it’s a little inconsistent with the character I saw in World’s Finest. Additionally, I don’t know why Oliver helps her. He isn’t really given much character.

I find it dumb that Kara would actually stop to attack Val-Zod. She has every right to be angry and hate him but the world is about to end. It felt immature and inappropriate to the situation. The resolution to that conflict could have been saved for after the battle.


Overall, there is some fun dialogue and cool action that do make this an easy read. However, the tone combined with confused character motivations make it a little frustrating for me.



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