Keiynan Lonsdale on Potential Kid Flash

Keiynan Lonsdale, who portrays Wally West on The Flash, has stated that ideally he does not want Wally to go on to replace Barry as The Flash in the show, but rather fight by his side.

But will that happen sooner rather than later, and will we possibly be seeing Wally suit up alongside Barry by the end of this season?

“I’m sure that’s where we’ll go with it, we have to,” Lonsdale said in an interview with Just Jared Jr. “If it doesn’t happen soon, I will casually make my own suit and casually wear it on set to make everyone speed up the process.”

We don’t know if Lonsdale made his DIY suit, but would be pretty impressed if he did. And as for speeding up the process- that seems very fitting for a speedster like Wally, who I’m sure would approve of Lonsdale’s attempts to hurry along the speedster’s debut.

The Flash returns to The CW with all new episodes on January 19th at 8 P.M. ET/PT.