Review: Justice League: Darkseid War: Lex Luthor #1 “The Omega Judgment”

by Steven Brown
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Darkseid the ruler of Apokolips is dead! As the members of the Justice League find themselves consumed with new godly power, so to does Lex Luthor through the omega effect that courses through his veins. Lex Luthor now has the powers of a god! So who can now stop him?


The Positives

“The Omega Judgment” written by Francis Manapul and penciled by Bong Dazo was a great read. Here we find Lex Luthor finally getting what he wants–absolute power. Now its the pains that his body is taking to get used to that power. As we see Lex struggle throughout the book dealing with his new powers we have flashbacks to key moments of Lex Luthor’s life. First we see him struggling as a child, later we see the corporate titan that rules Metropolis, then finally we see a Lex that feels lost as he sees a new concept introduced to him for the first time–Superman. I really think that Manapul and Dazo did a great job in showing us the growth of Lex Luthor. Lex hands down has to be one of the most interesting characters in the DC Universe, and Manapul and Dazo do a great job in reminding us exactly why that is.


The Negatives

My only complaint about this issue however is the pacing. Although “The Omega Judgment” is a good read if you’re thinking of action–it won’t really be in this issue. Manapul and Dazo really focus in on Lex’s life and his struggle to contain his new godly powers. I can forgive it in this case because this is obviously setting us up for something greater in the future. It also leaves me asking too many questions–and in this case its kind of a bad thing but I’ll get into that with my verdict.


The Verdict

I thought “The Omega Judgment” was a good read. It gives you a chance to look inside the mind and machinations of one the DC Universe’s greatest villians. Manapul and Dazo do a great job of showing you Lex’s triumphs, failures, and struggles however I felt that the ending was too open ended. I was left with too many questions and not a hint of what’s next for Lex. Will he return to Earth with his godly power? Will he remain to rule Apokolips? Does he ever encounter the Justice League who also have the power of the gods as well? Nothing wrong with asking these questions however I just wish that Manapul and Dazo perhaps would’ve gave us a hint of what Lex’s plans are–but then again do we ever know truly what Lex has planned? Check out Justice League: Lex Luthor #1 and see what happens when powerful men acquire absolute power–its nothing good!


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