Gameplay Footage of Cancelled Justice League Game Released

Warner Bros. excited DC fans back in 2007 when they announced that they were preparing to make a Justice League film, however the idea was abandoned relatively quickly because of budget concerns.

However, during this films period in preparation Warner Bros. contacted video game developer Double Helix to create a game that would tie in (albeit, loosely) to the film. The game was scrapped along with the movie, however PtoPOnline have continued to release gameplay footage featuring characters such as Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Sinestro, and The Flash to name a few. The footage also featured fights between Batman and Superman, and Bizarro and Bane and has 12 minutes of footage from the game.

Recently PtoPOnline released the gameplay footage of the games ending and final level, which features a team up fight of Batman and Superman versus Mongul and General Zod. The video also features footage of a Wonder Woman versus The Flash fight, as well as a Batman versus Superman battle with alternate costumes

You can check out all the gameplay footage below.