Review: Legend of Wonder Woman #1

The story of Wonder Woman begins here.  This miniseries takes a look at the Amazonian princess’ story and how it began.  This first chapter tells the story of how the Amazons came to be and of Diana’s birth and early childhood.

The Positive

Legend WW 1 2Long time Wonder Woman fans will be happy to see that this story does not follow the New 52 origins of Wonder Woman, instead, this returns to her original origins.  She is born from the clay of Themyscira and not from a secret romantic meeting between Hippolyta and Zeus.

We skip ahead from birth to Diana as a young princess being taught the ways of the Amazonians.  However, she is not being taught how to fight, only how to be a princess.  She senses something is wrong on the island, but no one else seems to notice or care about her concerns.  One day, she runs out into the forest and is attacked by a monster.  It is here that things change for the young princess.

Diana is saved by a warrior who then decides to teach her how to fight since they seem to be the only ones who are concerned about the growing problems on the island.

Renae de Liz’s art and story work very well together.  We see Diana’s awe and wonder as she explores the island and begins to see more of the outside world.

The Negative

This really is an origin story, and it literally begins with the dawn of creation.  The opening few pages exploring the birth of the Amazons and their relationship with the gods is essential information but it’s a bit dull.

With the return of Wonder Woman’s classic origin story, it can be a bit confusing if a new reader were to pick this up and then try to read any of the current Wonder Woman stories.  I wonder why they did not keep a consistent origin story.

Legend WW 1 3 crop

The Verdict

Not everyone is a fan of retelling an origin story, however, it’s done well here.  Even though this is most likely the least interesting part of Wonder Woman’s story, the creators keep things interesting with good artwork and writing.  This book does it’s best to keep up with all the different pieces that need to be setup for the remainder of the series.