Review: New Suicide Squad #16

by Sean Blumenshine
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This review contains spoilers.

We’re all trapped in being what we are.

New Suicide Squad #16 is written by Sean Ryan with art by Philippe Briones and colors by Blond. In this issue, Amanda Waller must take back control of Belle Reve from Vic Sage.


Previously, Waller and the Suicide Squad had to go rogue in order to find a way to beat Sage. Waller was able to find the information that she needed but Sage released Black Manta.

The cover by Juan Ferreyra is fantastic. A giant Waller controlling the Squad with puppet strings is a haunting image and is incredibly well drawn.

The comic begins with Bonnie, Waller’s assistant, on the phone discussing the lock down due to Black Manta’s escape.

In a different part of the prison, Sage is giving Black Manta a flash drive that has incriminating evidence against Waller. The plan is to get the drive to the media which will destroy Waller’s career and probably get her thrown in jail. However, Bonnie comes across them and Sage is forced to shoot her. Before Sage and Black Manta can escape, Waller arrives with the Suicide Squad and the FBI ready to arrest Sage.

Sage releases all of the prisoners in order to distract Waller but it doesn’t work. Waller and the Squad confront Black Manta and Sage. Black Manta beats the crap out of the Suicide Squad before attempting to kill Waller. However, Deadshot is able to stop him and saves Waller. Everyone is put back in jail and things are back to the way they used to be.

The issue ends with a discussion between Waller and Deadshot. He points out that she is as trapped as they are. They go along with the Suicide Squad because it is all they can do.


The only interesting thing in this issue is the conversation at the end. Deadshot is able to make good points and obviously hits a nerve. People often cannot help who they are. We can be trapped by our personalities, disabilities or simple choices and the various members of the Squad are all trapped in one form or another including Waller. However, other than that, this comic is boring. Sage isn’t much of a threat and there just aren’t any stakes. I’m not really invested in either side. Frankly, it might have been more interesting if Sage succeeded and Waller was disgraced and lost her power. That would be a change of pace but this story just re-establishes the traditional set up instead of doing something new and interesting. Overall, this is a disappointing finale.



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