Danny Trejo Teases Potential Portrayal of Lobo

by Scarlett Bentley
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Danny Trejo recently put up a tweet teasing how he thinks Lobo would handle hunting Superman.

Trejo, who starred in films such as Heat, Con Air, and Desperado, put up the tweet yesterday, featuring art by John Gallagher, offering up his take on how Lobo would deal with the task of hunting down the Man of Steel, possibly suggesting that he wants to portray him in the ever expanding Justice League Films universe.

No one at DC or Warner Bros. has confirmed Lobo being a part of the plans for the film universe, it’s not the first time the character has almost appeared in film, having almost been portrayed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson several years ago. However, that movie was eventually scrapped, and since then Johnson has been cast as Black Adam, the villain in the upcoming 2019 feature, Shazam!, by New Line Cinemas and DC Films.

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