Action Comics #48 “Savage Dawn Assault”

The true power behind Wrath and the black mass is revealed! The Justice League is under attack and has been drained of their powers by no one other than Vandal Savage! Savage plans to use the powers of the heroes to bring about a new age on Earth! Can Superman with a few remaining heroes stop him?


The Positives

“Savage Dawn Assault” written by Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder and penciled by again Aaron Kuder and also Rafa Sandoval is an amazing read! I’ve been following this series for a couple of issues and Kuder, Pak and Sandoval haven’t disappointed me yet! The revelation that Vandal Savage was pulling the strings the entire time blew my mind! I’ve always been a fan of Vandal–he’s a favorite right up there with Lex and Joker when it comes to villains because when they plan–they always plan big! The art from Sandoval and Kuder is so detailed on every page you want to turn immediately to see what happens next! Also I love the fact that Superman has to now put on armor to confront Savage once and for all! I’m not gonna spoil it and say who makes it for Superman but I was glad to see Superman interact with someone outside the “core 7” of the Justice League.


The Negatives

My only complaint about this issue was Wrath. Although the villain was a good take, she eventually betrays Savage on her own basically because of the pure evil of his plan. Although the premise was decent, it seemed too predictable to me. I felt through the dialogue between Wrath and Savage that she was going to betray him eventually and it wasn’t surprising at all. Wrath’s attack against Savage doesn’t go her way, but I still think she’s a decent villain so I hope that she remains a foe of Superman’s for awhile.


The Verdict

“Savage Dawn Assault” is an amazing read! I believe I’ve used that word to describe it already in this review but it’s currently the only word I can think of! The story is great, the interactions between Superman and his fellow heroes is great and Vandal Savage never disappoints! If you’ve been following Action Comics and this story arc then definitely pick it up…it’s worth the read!


Steven Brown

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