Review Detective Comics #48 “Blood of Heroes”

by Steven Brown
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Jim Gordon AKA the G.C.P.D Batman is tasked to solve a case of a killer set loose on the streets of Gotham! The killer is dressing his victims up as iconic figures in history from George Washington to an astronaut! Can Jim find the killer before its too late?


The Positives

“Blood of Heroes” written by Peter J. Tomasi and penciled by Fernando Pasarin and Marcio Takara is a good read. If you’ve been following my posts about the “new” Batman then you’d know at first I wasn’t a fan. After reading this issue if you still aren’t a fan of Jim Gordon I promise you will be. Tomasi does a great job this issue focusing on the supporting characters of Jim’s life, primarily his daughter Barbra and his former partner Harvey Bullock. I love seeing Jim fight crime while he’s talking to his daughter who’s across town. The crazy part is that Barbra is across town dressed at Batgirl fighting crime! Neither one has any idea of the other’s nightly activities, and the way Barbra and Jim both lie to each other makes it a pretty funny scene. The interaction between Bullock and Jim is also hilarious and although I won’t spoil it, it’s an iconic Batman moment that Jim does to Bullock–and once you notice it you’ll definitely laugh.


The Negatives

My only complaint about this issue is the story itself. Now what I mean by that is last issue we were thrown into the midst of the Robin War arc. It was a great read and a remarkable issue. I only wanted to continue that story here and thought it would make since because of the Robin War still continuing in Gotham and especially with the revelation of the Court of Owls pulling the strings. It was a great conclusion to the last issue and I wanted to see a follow up or at least a reference to it here in this issue. We didn’t get that and I felt like we should’ve. Although “Blood of Heroes” is a good issue on its own I would’ve liked to see Jim go up against the Court of Owls! That’s something I definitely hope occurs in the future.


The Verdict

“Blood of Heroes” is a good, solid and entertaining read. It has its elements of intense action, but here we see Jim’s detective skills at work and its almost flawless. In some scenes Jim reminds you of “our” Batman and Tomasi does a good job of showing us that. The supporting cast of Barbara and Harvey don’t feel rushed in or forced in this issue and its good seeing Jim interact with the people before he put on the cowl. I’m not big on admitting when I’m wrong but yea– I was wrong…each issue Jim gets more awesome! Buy the book!


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