Review: Adventures of Supergirl #1

The DC Universe is expanding its surface area quickly, and quite intelligently. The comics giant has executed a well thought out plan to date on how it’s tv shows intersect, and for comic book lovers how they integrate into comics. CBS launched their DC show in 2015, Supergirl and with soaring popularity and ratings it took out the best new drama of the year! Now the digital comic book has launched.

super girl cover dc comics review
Artist: Bengal

Issue #1 cover: Cat Staggs

Writer: Sterling Gates

Artist: Bengal

I’ve always appreciated a well-balanced origin story that provides its audience with a common ground, a baseline if you will. Once this is in place, the story can be told. Chapter 1 kicks off the story behind Supergirl, with a well crafted high level origin of where she came from, and how she arrived on planet Earth. The origin story shares the spotlight along with a frantic introduction into the character, with her finding herself in the midst of a battle. Her initial reluctance to solve issues with her physical self shows a hero coming to grips with what she represents and can offer the world.

Amongst the action sequences, you are taken back through the origin story with flashbacks of Supergirl’s family, planet, and cleverly integrated context on her cousin, Superman. The artwork is simple yet effective, Bengal brings the story to life with a great combination of detailed textures, multi-tone colours, and dynamic imagery.

supergirl chapter 1 dc comics news review

If you’re a Supergirl fan or not, this story is a fun read with just enough content to give you taste of what’s to come in future chapters. So if you’re looking for new books to read, either paperback or digital then I would highly suggest you give Supergirl a try. The digital series begins publication on January 25th..


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