“Legion of Super Heroes: Season Two” Released on Digital Media

by Kevin Gunn
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Warner Bros. Animation has an annoying habit of quietly releasing past seasons of their shows on digital media. Guess which one is FINALLY available?


L-R: Superman, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Colossal Boy and Brainiac 5.

Legion of Super Heroes premiered on September 23, 2006 on the Kids! WB on The CW. The show was based on the DC Comics property Legion of Super-Heroes, and featured a young Clark Kent brought 1000 years into the future to help a new generation of heroes. Allegedly due to a legal battle between Time Warner (owner of DC Comics) and the Siegel Estate (Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, creators of Superman) over the rights of the character “Superboy,” the show chose to refer to Clark’s superhero persona as “Young Superman” instead.


Matter-Eater Lad chomps down on Emerald Empress’s Emerald Eye.

The series was met with mixed reviews, but they were mostly positive. And the second season skewed to a darker, more mature tone in contrast to the lighthearted nature of the first. The Legion propelled two years at the start of the second season, and learned how to deal with matters without the Man of Steel. Then, a clone of Superman from the further future (the 41st Century, opposed to the Legion’s 31st Century) enlists the Legion help against the villain Imperiex. Not to be left out, Brainiac 5 brings back the original Superman to join the fight. Only this time, he grabs a slightly more seasoned Man of Steel. When The CW decided to sell its Saturday morning programming block to 4Kids Entertainment, it replaced Kids! WB with The CW4Kids. This move brought an end to several series, including Legion of Super Heroes. The final episode of the series, “Dark Victory, Part 2,” aired April 5, 2008.

While Season One has been released on DVD and digital format for quite some time, fans would have to rely on bootleg sources to get Season Two. That is, until now. Without a press release or announcement, Legion of Super Heroes, Season Two just appeared on iTunes. After a non-exhaustive search, it appears it is also available on Amazon. Maybe with next month’s premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we will see more seasons of our favorite past DC Comics shows get a second life through digital media. Only time will tell. No word on if Legion of Super Heroes will be released on DVD or Blu Ray. But this is a good start!

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