Review: Batman/Superman #30

This review contains spoilers.

Batman/Superman #30 is written by Tom Taylor with pencils by Robson Rocha, inks by Jay Leisten and colors by Blond. In this issue, Batman and Superman team up with the Green Lantern Corps.



A giant alien was discovered dead on the moon with a message for Batman and Superman. She had a secret location of someone from Krypton and she was coming to tell Clark before she was killed. Her father arrived and he helped the two heroes find the Kryptonian. However, this was the plan all along. Lobo was hired to take out Batman while Superman attempted to save the Kryptonian. Batman managed to escape in Lobo’s ship after blowing half of Lobo’s face off but the Kryptonian stabbed Superman with a kryptonite dagger.


It is revealed that the Kryptonian is not actually Kryptonian. He is a Daxamite named Si Bar. He has been forced to absorb the power of suns and power the giant’s ship. However, Si Bar’s cells have deteriorated and he is about to die so the giant needs a new power source. He has obviously chosen Superman. During this, Lobo tracks his ship while Batman calls for reinforcements.

Si Bar helped capture Superman because the giant offered him freedom in exchange. However, once he realizes that he is about to die, he helps Superman escape. Clark dresses as Batman so that Lobo will take him to the giant’s ship. Once there, he quickly dispatches of Lobo and confronts the giant. The giant reveals that his daughter figured out his plan so he had to kill her before she could warn Superman. Batman’s reinforcements, the Green Lantern Corps., arrive and arrest the giant. On Earth, the two heroes sit with Si Bar watching the sunset. The issue ends with Si Bar peacefully dying as the sun sets.


The ending is beautiful. One of the reasons we love superheroes is their compassion for everyone. They sit with a practical stranger, wrap their capes around him and just sit in silence. It’s incredibly touching and a powerful image.

The art is quite good throughout the issue. There is a panel in particular in which Superman recharges in front a sun that looks fantastic.


The cover by Yanick Paquette depicts Batman in a space suit and Superman being blasted back by a figure in silhouette. The figure may be Lobo but it’s hard to tell. The cover is an interesting image and I love the colors but it has nothing to do with the plot. It conveys nothing about the issue other than characters that appear in it.

The main plot isn’t that interesting. While Si Bar is great, the alien giant is fairly generic. He looks amazing and is wonderfully designed but there’s nothing to him. And he is not a threat to Superman at all. He tries to hit Clark but only ends up with a hole in his hand. That’s not a very intimidating villain. He feels no remorse for his daughter and is just an evil jerk for the sake of it.

Like most readers, I am not a fan of New 52 Lobo. At least his hair is slightly longer than it was but I’m still not in love with the design. He also isn’t all that interesting and never a threat to either hero.



While it has beautiful moments, this book is dull overall. The villains just aren’t interesting. They’re given little characterization or development and pose no threat to our heroes. They come across as cannon fodder which is disappointing because the art is great and the giant could be a terrific threat. I want to say that it’s worth buying the issue for the ending but ultimately, I think it’s best to wait for trade on this one.



Sean Blumenshine

I am currently a senior at Wichita State University studying communications. I started reading comics in 2013 because of how much I loved Man of Steel and season one of Arrow. My favorite hero is the Green Arrow and my favorite villain is the Joker.