Common’s Character Name In ‘Suicide Squad’ Revealed

by Joshua Raynor
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It was announced awhile back that hip-hop artist Common, who was once cast as Green Lantern in George Miller’s never-produced Justice League: Mortal, would be in the upcoming DC film Suicide Squad, but no details were known.  Now, it has finally been revealed who he’ll be playing, and this time around it’s a villain.

In the aforementioned Suicide Squad, Common will play a character affiliated with The Joker named “Monster T.”  No further details on the character are known.

Most fans, upon seeing his tattoos and piercings in the film, speculated that Common might be playing the Tattooed Man, a villain who’s taken on Green Lantern and the Justice League with his tattoos, which he can bring to life in tangible constructs not unlike the ones Green Lantern makes with his ring.  And with a name like “Monster T.”, it is possible that the “T” stands for “Tattoo”.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, 2016.

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