A closer look at the official Batman v Superman Soundtrack

Like some of you I have been waiting for the release of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice soundtrack! I am a big fan of soundtracks because the essence of music, and sound make iconic movie scenes exactly that! Iconic! Go to a platform like YouTube and watch an iconic scene in a classic film, then watch it again but this time mute the sound. It’s not the same. You can have the best actors, best CGI in the world! Sound and music make it happen on so many levels. This is what makes Hans Zimmer a genius. The artist has a track record of creating beautiful music that captures the moment, the meaning, and the story itself!

In this soundtrack as you may know Hanz Zimmer partners with Junkie XL who record 18 phenomenal tracks. All of which are unique and an absolute pleasure to listen to. The music will take you into the DC Universe and help paint a picture of context that compliments the story that Zack Snyder has created.

I opted to buy the digital copy on iTunes, purely for the convenience of being able to play it from anywhere on a host of my devices. If collecting something tangible is your thing, then I would recommend you purchase the CDs. However, even with the digital copy, you get a digital booklet upon purchasing the Deluxe Edition (which includes an interview – I won’t say much more). To help you decide if you want to invest in, I have included the pictures of what you will get. It is a great investment for any DC collector of fan of the upcoming film.

Enjoy, and if you have purchased it let us know what you think.



Damian Fasciani

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