Update From Telltale Games On Batman Game

by Brandon Richardson
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Back in December we found out that Telltale Games had plans for a Batman game along with some other really cool stuff.  To read that article for a refresher click here.Then after all the waiting we have finally received an update from Telltale Games about it, so what are these updates?

They are that it is slated to come out in August along with that the game is supposed to dive deeper into the story of Bruce Wayne and what he brings to the Batman mythology. Now in the game you can choose to come at situations as either Batman or Bruce Wayne which will affect game play and the repercussions their-in the game. By this I mean the city itself can change along with the enemies that you face off against will also vary depending on what choices you make. That being said the game is not set in one universe or story line so we can expect it to be vast in variety when it comes to the villains and other characters that are found in Gotham. What Telltale Games has said is that they are going to have some main characters that you interact with like Alfred, Vicki Vale, Commissioner Gordon, and Renee Montoya with help from Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl – more than likely, it is hard to tell without them nailing anything down.

So how you choose to interact with the people in-game will determine if they go more towards justice or criminal side of Gotham as you interact with them as Bruce Wayne. Which is kind of neat because it seems like the player driven plot is finally starting to pick up more steam. I personally liked that about games that have this play style, such as the Mass Effect series.  Now we don’t have any footage but what we have been told is that it is going to take on a living comic feel rather than a non-photo-realistic feel. Not to worry though the game will be rated M for Mature so we can still expect it to be a really good Batman game. We will have more updates for you as they come along.

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