Review: Green Arrow #50

by Sean Blumenshine
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This review contains spoilers.

Green Arrow #50 is written by Benjamin Percy with art by Szymon Kudranski and colors by Gabe Eltaeb.



Several people in Seattle became infected with the Lukos disease. This turns people into werewolf-like creatures known as Wargs. A group of vigilantes calling themselves the Patriots formed to exterminate the Wargs. Oliver Queen was infected with the disease but Fyff was able to create a formula that subdues the effects but doesn’t cure them.


The Wargs have given up biting people and have instead decided to use blood banks. They plan to infect everyone using these banks. Over 900 people have already been infected. Fyff discovers that the blood banks the Wargs are using all belong to Jeffery Paragon, a former newspaper editor. He is using blood to keep himself alive possibly for over 130 years. Paragon hires Deathstroke to find Doctor Miracle who can cure Paragon’s disease. Green Arrow tracks the Wargs to a blood bank but can’t fight them. Fyff’s formula weakens him too much. He sets off the alarm hoping to attract backup but the Patriots arrive first. Oliver hangs back as the Wargs and Patriots fight. Eventually, cops break up the fight but everyone is able to escape. Oliver decides that he cannot keep taking the formula because it’s dulling his muscles and mind too much. Slade tracks Doctor Miracle to Africa and Green Arrow follows him with Emiko. However, Slade spots them and shoots them out of the sky. The issue ends with Green Arrow and Emiko being surrounded by soldiers after landing.


The cover by Patrick Zircher and Eltaeb is great. The silhouette of Slade looks great and I love Oliver looming in the background with the flames.

With the success of Arrow, Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen will probably be associated with each other a lot for the next few years and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s great to see Slade and it raises the stakes quite a bit. I also like the reveal of the mastermind; he is sufficiently creepy.

As always, Kudranski’s art is strong. He particularly excels in the macabre which is shown in spades with Paragon.


The narration is still irritating. I just think it’s unnecessary and slightly pretentious.

Overall, the story is dull. It has decent ideas and some decent character moments for Ollie but I have a hard time caring. The Wargs are monsters acting outside their own will and the Patriots are prejudiced ass-butts. There isn’t a conflict to care about and it has such a serious tone that I can’t have a whole lot of fun with its silliness.



Overall, this issue is consistent with the others in this story. It’s potentially interesting with wonderful art but just isn’t captivating enough. I recommend skipping this issue.



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