“Batman V Superman” Breaks $500M Worldwide!

by Kevin Gunn
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Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are Reigning Box Office Champs!

The Kryptonite of critic reviews could not stop the juggernaut, or Doomsday, power of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Warner International is reporting the first motion picture meeting between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel has earned a record  $501.9M worldwide.

A little closer in the US, numbers are estimated to be near $200M. This is contributed to fans going back for second and third helpings of the film starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot.

“These incredible numbers are building momentum for not only this movie but for the upcoming slate of DC superhero films.” Veronika Kwan Vandenberg, Warners’ president of Worldwide Distribution

The Super Friends face some stiff competition over the next few weeks to keep their title, including Melissa McCarthy headlining as The Boss, and Jon Favreau’s live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book. You know whose side we’re own…so go see it again! Then go back and see it another time!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters NOW!

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