Photos for Upcoming ‘Versus Zoom’ Episode Revealed

Since the recent comeback of The Flash, the show has been firing on all cylinders. Each episode has gotten better and delved deeper into the mythos than before. After Zoom is outed as “Jay Garrick” the team has had to pull together and set blame aside while trying to figure out how to take down the sinister villain. The CW has just released a photo gallery giving fans an early look into April 19th’s episode of The Flash.

The episodes promo also throws a name out that fans have heard before. When Jay shows Barry his Earth-1 doppelganger, Hunter Zolomon, I knew something was up. Why introduce the character and not have him be the big bad guy. So if Jay has actually been Zolomon all along, where is the real Jay Garrick? Could he be dead or could he be the man in the metal mask? While you’re thinking about what to write in the comment section check out the “Versus Zoom” teaser.

Don’t miss the next exciting episode of The Flash Tuesday April 19th on The CW

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