Review: Clean Room #8

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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Issue eight of Clean Room kicks off at one of Astrid’s seminars. The issue more or less follows her again while letting the events flush out. At her seminar an audience member stands up calling her a devil and soon the bishop-level guards are moving in but all too late. Quickly Astrid has a piece of hot lead ripping into her breast. The chase is on then for her team’s personal ambulance while they whisk her away and her attacker too!

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Back in her home town Chloe is on a little date with the detective and soon they are having a good time. She receives a call suddenly and is soon headed home with the detective in tow. Their they meet up with Chloe’s redneck neighbours and soon Killian arrives with a chopper.

Amid the chaos we learn that Astrid wants Chloe in the organization. We also get to see how well planned out Astrid really is when she gets incapacitated. We also get a great peak into some of the other characters lives. Namely, Duncan and his boyfriend. Not to mention a tricky surprise at the end!

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The Good

The story in this issue is fast passed and will have readers finishing it in no time at all. The dialogue was interesting and very easy to follow so you never broke from the story. The new relationships and implications of this issue are going to make the next few issues a must read.


The Bad

With such a fast paced story the issue feels short, like there should be more but isn’t. There is also a distinct lack of grotesque imagery that this series has set itself to have up until this point.


Overall, Issue 8 is a great read this is sure to have an even better issue 9!


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