Superman: Savage Dawn – Reading Order Checklist

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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In lieu of the recent Superman news and the man of steel’s massive story arcs before Rebirth takes place, we have brought together the reading order for one of the latest Superman crossover events of ‘The New 52’ and ‘DCYOU’ line of DC Comics: ‘Superman: Savage Dawn’. The event deals with Superman’s secret identity revealed to the public, as well as with his recent powerlessness and Superman’s clash with the figure behind it all.

Take a look at the reading order below.

Act One, “Truth”

  • Superman_41Superman #41-44: “Before Truth”
  • Action Comics #41-44: “Hard Truth”
  • Superman/Wonder Woman #18-21: “Dark Truth”
  • Batman/Superman #21-24: “Truth Hurts”

Act Two, “Injustice”

  • Superman #45-47
  • Action Comics #45-47: “Blind Justice”
  • Superman/Wonder Woman #22-24: “Power Hungry”
  • Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #2
  • Batman/Superman #25-27: “Savage Hunt”

Act Three, “Savage Dawn”

  • Superman Annual #3
  • Action Comics #48
  • bmsm021Superman/Wonder Woman #25
  • Superman #48
  • Action Comics #49
  • Superman/Wonder Woman #26
  • Superman #49
  • Action Comics #50
  • Superman/Wonder Woman #27
  • Superman #50

More reading orders:

If you know about any title that is not included in the reading order above, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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