Superman #52 “Do or Die”

by Steven Brown
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Superman is in the fight of his life against the “Solar Superman”, a human being who gained not only Superman’s abilities but also his memories as Clark Kent and Kal-El as well. Even with Wonder Woman, Batman and Supergirl in the fight–will they be enough to stop him? And who is this older looking Superman? Where does he come from and exactly which side is he on?


The Positives

“Do or Die”, the final installment in the “Last Days of Superman” series is written by Peter J. Tomasi and penciled by Mikel Janin. I’m a fan of Peter’s writing, and its showcased why in this very comic. Peter does a great job of showing us the unbreakable bond between the Trinity, and how when these three heroes come together–there are few things that can stop them. Mikel’s art compliments the story further as every punch thrown, every impact made, and every tear cried is done beautifully. Not to spoil exactly what happens but Superman’s encounter with this “Solar Superman” affects not only him–but the Justice League and the world as a whole. Peter and Mikel do a great job of showing a world that mourns for its hero and seems desperate for answers.


The Negatives

My only complaint I feel is some confusion about the ending of the book. In a way that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but as Batman points out in the end–” I have questions.” I’ve read Rebirth #1 since then and I’ve seen to have found some of the answers I’m looking for but I’m sure you’re gonna be reading #1 anyways! “Do or Die” will force you to ask questions by the conclusion of the book–and that’s what makes you want to read Rebirth as well.


The Verdict

Very rarely have I ever given a book 5 out of 5 but if I do–I can pretty much guarantee it’s written by Peter. The story is engaging and emotional, we have the Trinity in the battle for their lives, and then when the dust settles– you still want to see what’s next! Peter did a great job of concluding the series in a way that wasn’t predicable but not random either. I’m looking forward to seeing how the conclusion of “Do or Die” plays into Justice League and other titles–check out Superman #52!!!


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