Review: Detective Comics #934

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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Rebirth is in Gotham! Detective Comics #934 leaps into the action with a fight between Batman and Azrael smashing their way into a church! OR so we think. Batman soon after rockets into the church from the smashed stained glass to find Azrael beaten and bloodied and the shadowy combatant nowhere to be found.


DcComics News Batman Detective Comics RebirthFor Batman the chase is on. Knowing something we do not, he travels around Gotham and begins recruiting for a coming storm. His first stop, Batwoman! Not known for fighting with the “Bat-Family” she certainly is an odd choice in partnership? What is it that she can bring to the table to Batman doesn’t?


This issue opens up Detective Comics’ rebirth with an interesting story that echoes back to pre-52 as well as involves new-52 characters. It respects fans across the board and throws in an odd ball event as well. Who would have thought Clayface would appear on the cover of Detective Comics, the original batman comic, the birth of the Dark Knight, standing along side him?
DcComics News Batman Detective Comics Rebirth

Detective Comics #934 is a fun and easy read comic that will have you turning page after page until it’s final and ominous full page panel!


The Good

Tynion IV has started this new run on Detective Comics with a bang and is working with characters and stories from both Eternal books, as well as other great stories. With his epic and at time funny writing mixed in with the very unique and almost gothic artistic combo of Barrows on pencil and Ferriera on ink this issue is sure to captivate readers.


The Bad

While the art style is a great fit for Detective Comics, at times there almost feels to be too much saturation in the colors. It almost feels a little bit like a Hollywood action movie instead of a mystery or thriller. Much like how the pedestal on the front cover reading Detective Comics, resembles the 20th Century Fox opening credits clip.



Overall, a solid start to the rebirth of Detective Comics. This story opens up a lot of interesting story telling doors and is sure to develop into something great with Tynion IV at the helm.


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