Exclusive: We speak with John Barrowman at Oz Comic Con

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Oz Comic Con is here and this weekend the Pop Culture extravaganza comes to Melbourne, Australia. In the lead up to the event, we where lucky enough to catch up with the talented Mr John Barrowman who plays Malcolm Merlyn on the hit CW show, Arrow. In this fun, light-hearted chat Mr Barrowman takes us on a deep journey into his DC character while touching on other milestones across his career. We cover off some fun, interesting things you may not have known about Mr Barrowman and towards the end of our conversation he opens up about how much the fans mean to him.

If you are in Melbourne make sure you get down to Oz Comic Con and check out the event, the details can be found here. Information on the broader event that is covered nation wide can be found here.

We would like to send a big thank you to everyone behind the scenes who helped put the opportunity together!



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