Stephen Amell Teases Arrow’s Flaming Season Premiere, No Stunt Double

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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Stephen Amell teases Season 5 of Arrow.

As stated before by the cast and members from the production, for season 5, Arrow is going back to its roots. Amell was clear that supernatural elements and metahumans will not be a main theme for the upcoming season.

Amell shared some details about his preparation for the season premiere via his twitter account.

“You have 21 days to get as ripped as you’ve ever been for the most vicious ‘oner’ in the history of network tv. No stunt double.”

As for the show’s ”population growth”, actor Chad L. Coleman, who played Tyreese in the The Walking Dead, will be joining Arrow as the villain Thomas Church. He will debut on the season premiere.

What could the flames mean in Amell’s twitter post? Are we up for a fiery premiere? Is Star City to be in flames….again?

Arrow‘s fifth season will premiere Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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