Review: Future Quest #2

by Kevin Gunn
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Future Quest #2 is written by Jeff Parker with art by Evan Shaner and Steve Rude and colors by Jordie Bellaire.

Future Quest #2 cover

Future Quest #2 cover

As a (cough)… mature animation fan, I was able to see a lot of these cartoons in syndication (Birdman and the Galaxy Trio, Space Ghost and Dino Boy, Jonny Quest, etc.) and later when they first ran (The New Adventures of Jonny Quest and Space Stars). So reading Future Quest was a nostalgic treat for me.

Still reeling from their encounter with the ghost from outer space, Jonny and Hadji reach the wreckage of the vessel that burst through the vortex. The ship’s sole survivor doesn’t remember what she was fleeing, or even her own name…but she does know her pet is called Blip. Plus: journey to Earth’s past, 45,000 years ago—and witness the birth of the world’s first fantastic hero: Mightier! – DC Comics

While The Quest Family, Race Bannon and Birdman do battle with Dr. Zin’s minions who are looking for the Ghost Ship and its crew, Jonny, Hadji and their new friend Ty rescue Jan, who returns the favor. But where’s Jayce?

Race Bannon

Race Bannon KO’s a Dr. Zin henchman.


Hanna-Barbera Future Quest captures the essence of all great cartoons of the past, while it’s infused with high stakes drama and modern day action. Space Ghost, The Herculoids and The Galaxy Trio continue attempting to fend off the mysterious Omnikron.

Evan “Doc” Shaner has truly tapped into his inner Alex Toth, while putting his own spin on these classic characters. He uses separate palettes to transition between Hanna-Barbera “dimensions,” or is it time periods?

And Jeff Parker pens another superior issue that extends the legacy of our Hanna-Barbera superheroes.


The only con from this issue is that it made me anxious for the next issue, which I guess is a positive for DC Comics.


Another action packed issue from Parker and Shanner. I can’t wait to see what they pull from the Hanna-Barbera treasure chest for the next issue!


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