Review: Green Lanterns #2

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note. This review may contain spoilers.]


Willpower, the ability to decide on and initiate and action.

Clarity, the ability to see an event and understand it without confusion.

Calm, not showing nervousness, anger or other emotions.

These are the qualities that one expects to see in an officer, a guardian, and most of all, in a Green Lantern. The protector of a universe.

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These qualities are not however, anywhere to be found in Jessica Cruz or Simon Baz, sector 2814’s newest Green Lanterns. Amid fighting off her anxiety disorder Cruz is learning the ins and outs of her power ring, “The Enforcer.” Baz, on the other hand, has plenty of control over his ring. His actions, however, are another issue.

Green Lanterns Simon Baz Jessica Cruz

Green Lanterns #2 has a ring of nostalgia as the duo learns to work together in a buddy cop style. They couldn’t be more different and yet they both want what’s best for Earth. Amid dealing with their own personal quirks and each other, Atrocitus has plans of his own. Anxiety, impulsivity, and rage, what could go wrong?

Green Lanterns 2 atrocitus

The Good

This issue feels good! There is a lot of character development being foreshadowed in this issue and for the coming issues. There is a great vibe between the two which should be fun to read more on.

The Bad

In this issue we get a sneak peak into the mind and motives of Atrocitus and the Red Lantern Corps. home world. If we don’t get to see more of them develop in the issues ahead it will be a shame.

Overall, Green Lanterns #2 is a great issue that will be the jump off point to many great issues ahead.


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