Deathstroke Clip Has Been Revealed From Ben Affleck

by Brandon Richardson
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Hold onto your hats everyone! Today Ben Affleck has released on his Twitter page and other social media sites some pretty tantalizing footage of Deathstroke from what appears to be on the set of what might be from The Justice League. No official word as to who will be playing Deathstroke, but I would love to see Liam Neeson or Joe Manganiello. Who do you think would be a good actor for the character?

Now as some of you may know Ben Affleck is directing a pretty decent amount of films right now and is also doing acting, and producing in them as well. Talk about dedication to the craft. We know that The Justice League isn’t set to be released till November 2017. So this makes it very possible for this to be a scene from The Justice League Part 1 or for Affleck’s stand alone Batman film. That being said with him taking on so many roles in the solo film it is more likely that this teaser is going to help us get into the hype and love for what The Justice League Part 1 is going to give us. That being said Ben Affleck told that,

We’re still working on it and I’m not happy enough with it yet to actually go out there and make a Batman movie, which I would have the highest of standards I would say.

He then added later that he wasn’t going to do anything until he was happy with the script. So yeah, I definitely think he was a good choice for this new Batman. All that he has done and is doing is outstanding. I can’t wait to see The Justice League opening night which is currently set for November 17, 2017. Below is that tasty clip! Enjoy.

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